We include a handy BABE pouch with every piece purchased. It’s literally your jewellery’s best friend. Whether you’re sweating from working out or cleaning during a box set marathon – you’ll want to keep your jewellery in the really cute pouch provided.


The best ways to reduce tarnish are to keep your jewellery away from:
Direct water sources – baths, ocean, swimming pools, sinks
Chemicals – perfumes, cleaning products, lotions, bleach
Extreme heat bathrooms, saunas, hot tubs, dashboards, etc.


A bit of wear is bound to happen. Though some of us like the look of our silver being a little more worn, if you’re not too keen on that lived in look, we recommend giving your jewellery some extra TLC with a soft jewellery cloth after each use - before storing in your BABE pouch. This will help with any tarnish/oxidation your silver may incur.


If you’re just not sure, hit us up. Email us, ask on social media, DM us. We want you to be comfortable with your jewellery and really love it.