BABES AND BAD EXAMPLES was created out of a small studio, in East London. Every piece is handmade especially for you. BABE encourages body positivity, mental health and female inclusivity. Not only does BABE make wicked jewellery, but also encourages communication within our community. Jewellery that you can wear with anything, hand packaged pieces with after care cloths, an instagram with lifestyle photos, and workshop events - just a few things you can expect from BABES AND BAD EXAMPLES.


OUR MISSION is to make jewellery you WANT to wear. Jewellery that allows you to be you, effortlessly. If your pieces already pick up what you’re putting down, then you can spend more energy being the naturally kick ass person you already are. We make lasting pieces that let you define who you are to the world, without having to say a word.


Shoreditch Ace Hotel Photobooth Mama and Daughter