A few years ago, I found out about the magical world of Podcasts, then I tossed that world aside without fully appreciating the beauty that comes with listening to a spoken word type of passion, bleeding through my earbuds. Whether you're commuting, grocery shopping or killing time, they are a brilliant way to gather new knowledge or entertain yourself. Podcasts are this generation's equivalent of classical music. We are swapping degrading music that's littered with rape and non-consensual undertones, with intellectual and motivating substance. Occasionally, we throw in a gripping murder mystery like it's 1938... War of the Worlds anyone? So, if you're new to the Podcast club or want a few suggestions, I've rounded up my top 5 favourite subscriptions for you. Obviously, they are all female driven and range from chatting about life, business topics or murder history, because this is Babes and Bad Examples, after all.


1. Gurls TalkAdwoa Aboah is your host of some brilliantly female based chat sessions. Featuring leading ladies such as, Jorja Smith and Nadia Nadim. Gurls Talk prides itself in being a judgement free platform which allows guests to candidly express themselves, their hurdles and their successes. It's important to note that Gurls Talk is more than a podcast - the website has vital information to include short hard-hitting reads and important mental health contacts.


2. In Good Company with Otegha Uwagba - Are you a #GirlBoss? Are you always on the lookout for inspirational, motivational and general overall success stories? Well, you've found your new listening pleasure. I can't promise that you won't immediately get the urge to google, write "to do" lists and have an unexpected flood of "can do" feelings. The unique ending of the show allows Otegha to answer submitted questions from the listener, giving you a few minutes of relatable content. If you love the podcast, click the link and browse the site. 


3. My Favorite Murder - True crime has never been so devastatingly funny. Honestly, I never thought I'd give a monkey's about murder history but after I listened to these girls bang on and on about Rasputin, I knew there was no turning back. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstar aren't just great together, they are deadly (get it, hah.). They have great radio voices and even make the ads sound like you would almost care. Have a little listen when you're doing laundry or washing up and make mundane tasks a bit more bearable with this background concerto of perfectly curated recounting of famous and some not-so-famous murder stories.


4. Very Loose Women -  These witty podcasts are fantastic for someone with a short attention span, speedy commute or have a brief time limit. Each episode keeps to a 30 minute limit but they pack a punch! A quick intro, revolving around their week's "Celebration or Frustration", leads you into the hosts (Leonore Schick, Soila Apparicio and Florri Burton) main talking point. With an array of topics to select from, there is a vast backlog of shows you can binge.


5. Nobody Panic - This is your "How To" guide to being a fully functional person.. or something along those lines. If anything, you get a good laugh and can try again tomorrow. The conversational flow between Tessa Coates and Stevie Martin is like a perfectly balanced seesaw. Both women are entertaining and really bounce off each other, leaving you with the feeling of being right in the room with them. Nobody Panic is real, funny and relevant.



What's your favourite Podcast? Pop it in the comments! I'm always on the lookout for a new, quality listen.



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