BABES AND BAD EXAMPLES was created, mainly, as an creative outlet for my ideas and idle hands. Subsequently, it's also become a way for others to express their individuality. I wanted to make jewellery that I love to wear, that would make you feel excited to put on, and that you would be bummed if you left the house without.

I decided to call it BABES AND BAD EXAMPLES, because I felt - we as people are more than what others think of us. Who we portray to the world and who we are behind closed doors, can sometimes be two different images. I've never believed that we are one-dimensional, thus BABE represents the versatility of personality, femininity and individual style.

The majority of my inspiration comes from my love of being a woman, a lover, a mother, a Virgo and an adventurer. I do hope that I can help you represent yourself in many multifaceted ways, indulge in your indiviualism and hone your autonomy.

I'd like to give you a personal welcome to BABES AND BAD EXAMPLES.


All my love,
Raven xx

Jewellers Bench in Home Studio with all the tools from Bellore Rashbel and Cookson Gold. Bench from Ebay. Dremel hand tool.

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