The moment we found out we were having Severine the girl, and not Saxon the boy, my mind began racing with thoughts of all the things I wanted to teach her. From how to be kind, how to communicate her feelings and how to have healthy every day habits. It’s always been very important to me that we tell her truths, instead of fables – even down to Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny – to encourage trust and build her imagination without the inevitable letdowns.


Raising a girl in the 21st Century has the same but also different challenges than the generations before. I am hoping to instill an immense confidence in her whilst in a selfie age, but also the knowledge of how to take a selfie, how to work an iphone and how to eventually take over the world via internet. My aim is to teach her balance in everything but with a solid foundation of herself, allowing her to make mistakes that I can see a mile off, learning how to revise these mistakes into success stories and hopefully, to one day sooner, be in the position of spotting the mistake a mile off – on her own.


Raising a girl in London – remember I’m from New Orleans, so she already has a massive advantage than myself when it comes to diversity, every day experiences and a lack of police brutality (note the slight sarcasm but not really.) She will grow up walking to school, taking public transit, and generally meandering around one of the world's largest cities with her friends, so its also important to me that she is well grounded enough to make her own decisions during her youth. I plan on encouraging her to partake in political/social protests, volunteer her time to those less fortunate and converse with free thinkers. Because she will be raised in an open-minded household, in a city with cultural diversity, Im hoping she will be more equipped to overcome or confront greater interpersonal and social obstacles, such as gender gaps, political agendas and environmental injustices.



Newborn Fashion by Mothercare


Princess Anna Costume from Frozen Purchased at Sainsbury's

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Keep doing what you are doing. You are so brilliant!!!

Aunt J

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