As many of you know, I have a diverse background when it comes to my career. This is mainly due to my flighty 20's and sheer lack of commitment to just about anything.

List of Jobs:
- Waited tables and did quite well...when I wasn't quitting because my request to attend the local Mardi Gras parade, last minute, was rejected.
- Bartended for a night and was absolute shite. I mean, a bartender should clearly know the difference between tonic and soda water.
- Shot Girl on Bourbon Street. Well, that was fun and easy because there's no way of confusing the mixer.
- Barista who never slept.
- Lead Generator for an Online Content Company
- Salon Receptionist to Hair Assistant to Salon Manager to Hair Stylist
- Office/Accounts Manager at an Online Furniture Company
- Mum. This has been my hardest job yet but definitely the one with the biggest pay off.
- And finally, Jeweller.

The road to BABES AND BAD EXAMPLES was paved with cobbles, ice, some smooth surfaces, and a little glitter - namely glitter from West Hollywood that's really hard to wash off.

After moving to London, I took my accumulative skills and put them into office work. I used this time to have a baby and gain the funds to pursue creating jewellery, an unspoken passion that I finally decided to act on. Once I had Sevy, I spent her nap times creating my ideal company. Making logos, branding colours, a name that reflected me as a person, and creating pieces that I wanted to sell as much as wear. Long nights and lots of scrapped ideas slowly began to come together. I have been lucky enough to have a supportive partner and the ability to create something for myself. I saved my last bean for education and tools, then went live. The beginning, the learning and the creating - were the easy parts. Keeping content alive and fresh, along with continuously generating new pieces that stay true to my brand and my vision - those are the hard parts. Every day is different but also very rewarding.

Taking nothing and making something for yourself can be scary, difficult, and will defintely make you second guess a lot of things. My best advice is to think about what YOU want to put out in the world and how you can make something you're proud to call yours, every day. You have to be able to tell a random stranger, "This is me, this is my company, I make/do this, and this is why I think you'll love it too."


Good Luck Babes! Smash your dreams so hard that the dust fills your lungs and you're breathing nothing in but yourself.



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