Yes, I make jewellery. But, I figure as long as I have a platform then I would like to share my thoughts and open conversations about various topics, including feminism and sisterhood. No, my intent is not to become a blogger but I want to give you a reason to keep coming to my site, something to look forward to and to talk with you all. I want my clients and future clients to know the person they are supporting and buying from.


Growing up, I heard phrases like “boys are less dramatic” or “I just don’t get along with other girls” and if I’m honest, I have said similar things before. It wasn’t until I looked inside myself and saw a lonely shell of a girl, surrounded by boys who I convinced myself I had more in common with than other girls, that I realised how much I needed female friends. I also didn't realise how precious those relationships are and how they should be protected at all costs. There are so many circumstances that we experience in our every day lives - deaths, marriages, divorces, babies, loss of babies, etc. - that having a girlfriend, who can either relate or listen, is invaluable.


I will be the first to say, I’ve competed with girls, compared myself to them and let go of good ones. I am fortunate enough that those same “good ones” haven’t let go of me. They are the strong ones, they are the golden ones. Thank you all for being the reasons I made it through school, through my first (couple of) loves, home from hellish nights out and all the stages of growing up, but mostly for being my strength through the next chapters of life.



Old Friends

Jena xx

Riding in Cars with Girls

Barbie xx

Chiptole Los Angeles California with Made by Mariah Bloom

Mariah xx

The Harlot Salon Los Angeles Hairstylist

Allegra xx

Blues Kitchen in Brixton. Night Out London.

Nadia xx

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