Friends support and love each other through thick and thin, highs and lows. Friends give each other advice and a supporting hand. Friends lend an ear and SEO advice when someone they love is starting a new business from POOF! thin air. This month's BTS article shed's light on a dear friend but also now jeweller, MARIAH BLOOM and her company MADE. BY MARIAH.


Mariah and I met in Los Angeles, during our brief stint at hair school, where we were determined to be the greatest hairstylists of all time. Fast forward 6 years later and we have both found passions that are the same and have nothing to do with hair. Each still honing our creativity - we just changed our mediums.


Why am I writing about another jeweller, you may ask? Because she is more than just a jeweller. She is a self-driven, strong and incredibly smart woman who has an eye for her market and a completely different style to BABE. Mariah is another wicked chick, in the international club of women, who has built a business from scratch and is thriving due to her hard work and pure diligence. Her creations are beautiful and very east coast relevant. Strong women don't stop when one passion has fizzled. Strong women support each other even in the same industry. Most importantly, strong women try and try again until they have found their true happiness.


If you would like to follow Mariah's Instagram or shop her website, just click the links!


P.S. Mariah, I am so happy for you and can't wait to see your business flourish!


Cross Necklace Gold Plated Made by Mariah Bloom

18K Gold Cross Necklace from MADE. BY MARIAH

Mariah Bloom

Miss Mariah Bloom xx

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