A typical day picking up supplies and tools leads me directly into London. I jump on the train and head straight to Hatton Garden - the mecca of all that is jewellery. You'll find Jewellers with their store fronts, machine and tools suppliers, Casters and studios with every piece of machinery you would ever need.


I usually hit a few shops, looking for the best rates on silver, then scoop up the other bits along the way. After I've dropped my castings off, picked up my silver and collected my list of necessities, I grab a coffee then meander over to Leather Lane for lunch.


Leather lane is a parallel street to Hatton Garden street that consists of varied pubs, high street restaurants and market vendors. There is a lovely hustle and bustle during the lunch hours that you don't quite get on Hatton Garden. Even on it's busiest day, Hatton Garden is seeminly very relaxed then you just step over to Leather Lane and it's a different world! Have a look at my day on Hatton Garden and Leather Lane in a series of photos - they tell the story a bit better than I ever could.



Charing Cross Station
Chancery Lane Station

Charing Cross

 Hatton Garden Street
Hatton Garden

Leather Lane
Leather Lane

St Cross Street
St. Cross Street and Leather Lane

St Cross and Leather Lane

Leather Lane

Liverpool Street Station
Liverpool Street Station

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