To gear up for BABE's site launching, we set up a photoshoot highlighting all of our jewellery in different settings. The team came together on a bright and early Saturday morning, in Hackney Wick, to create the first ever BABES AND BAD EXAMPLES lookbook.

We began our day with a coffee at White Post Cafe and an overview of the shoot. One jewellery designer, one photographer and two models - all eager to make something great. Since this was the first time some of the team have met each other, it was nice to not jump straight into having a strange camera in their face or pointing a lense at a foreign face. We ironed out goals, looks and who was wearing what piece of jewellery. With all of that in mind, we made sure to walk around Hackney and just have a wicked time.

I couldnt be happier with everything we achieved. Jeremy (the photographer), Alice (model) and Rhiannan (model) were an incredibly coheasive group and all around fucking superstars. Here are some of the photos and a teeny tiny video. Hope you love them as much as I do!






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